Our Team

We have a team of dedicated staff who are both experienced and passionate about working with children.

Permanent Team:

Director: Oliver Murphy

Assistant Director and Educational Leader: Jade Foley

Assistant Director: Mitch Bates

Permanent Staff: Max Brennan, Rachel Hadchitti and Shannon Anjoul

Casual Staff Members:

Sam Siestma

Chris Barakat

Nick Barakat

Peter Colbourne

Simon Redolfi

Maddison Clancy

Callum Irving

George Anjoul

Henry Dang

Nicholas Azzone

Matthew Brady

Caitie Harris

Josh Anjoul

Nathan White

Jack Stephens

Angela Dizon

Emma Rashid

Larissa Bagnet

Dierdre Ko


Parent Committee

The West Ryde BASC parent committee is made up of community members who volunteer their time to attend meetings. The parent committee has management control of the service and make critical decisions about the budget, fees and the way in which care is provided for the community.

All families who have a current enrolment and have paid the membership fee are welcome to attend all committee meetings. All members are welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting, at which the committee members are elected in Term 2 every year.

If you want to have your say on how the service is run, please attend any committee meetings held, speak to Centre staff or contact the committee president directly at wrbasc.committee@gmail.com


President:                                            Grace Ho

Vice President:                                    Diana King

Treasurer:                                           Naomi Aitken

Secretary:                                            Berry Mak

Committee Members:                        Karen Parker

Sally Cole

Joanna Harvey

Rebecca Stooke

Naomi Aitken

Pooja Kaiden

Nhu Christy

Public Officer:                                                 Karen Parker