Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The Staff at West Ryde Before and After School Care embrace a philosophy that is represented by a Tree. The leaves of the tree represent our children at the Centre and are the most important feature of the tree. The leaves are then supported by the branches, which represent the Staff and the Parent Committee at the Centre. The Staff and the Parent Committee work in collaboration to support each other and the children/families of the Centre.

Networking for the Centre, the community, the schools and the environment are represented by the trunk of the tree. The trunk provides the structure for the Centre and direction for the caring of the children. It also provides strength to assist in the children’s development.

The families and parents of the children are represented as the roots of the tree. The roots are the foundation of the Centre and assist in guiding the children to grow and mature.

The tree therefore represents how the Centre’s staff and children grow and develop while creating and supporting the Centre’s curriculum.

Commitment is given to creating a relaxed, fun and home-like environment that will support the children in becoming independent, developing friendships, making their own choices and treating one another with equality. There are many opportunities through the program that allow children to engage in structured experiences or pursue their own interests.

With a focus on play and recreational activities, each child’s interests and abilities are recognised, encouraged and respected while also complementing their middle childhood development. We value the importance of family and encourage their involvement in all areas of the program.

We continue to network with the families and community to support our current practices.

We value and abide by the policies and procedures that management set for the services and respect their role in relation to decision making.

We promote a caring, home like environment where the physical, physiological, educational, emotional and social needs of each child are fostered and where individual children are valued and encouraged.

We value the importance of diversity and the different cultural backgrounds of each child and their family. We endeavour to incorporate the different cultures, backgrounds, interests and abilities of each child into the Centre and its program.