Membership Fee:

A annual membership fee is charged to every family when they enroll or re-enroll at the centre each year.

Membership fees are below:
Term 1 – $30
Term 2 – $30
Term 3 – $15
Term 4 – $30 (includes Term 4 and the annual membership fee for following year)

Session Costs:

Session Type Morning Session (per child) Afternoon Session (per child)
Permanent Booking $10.00 $19.00
Casual Booking $15.00 $24.00


Vacation Care:

The Membership fee must be paid, and families must have no Outstanding fees to be able to make any Vacation Care bookings.

The base rate for a Vacation Care day is $46, any additional cost for a programmed day are added to this amount up to a maximum of $100.


Administration Fee (once only): $1.10

Bank Account Transaction Fee: $1.18

Credit Card Transaction Fee: VISA/Mastercard 2.5% (min $1.18); AMEX/Diners 4.4% (min $0.88)

EZIDEBIT Dishonour Fee: $14.80 per dishonoured transaction (to be charged directly from Ezidebit)

Centre Dishonour Fee: $15.00 per dishonoured transaction (to be applied to parent account at the centre)

Non – Notification:

A non-notification will occur when the Centre is not notified of a child’s absence from the service by;

  • 8:45 am for a Before School Care session
  • 3:00 pm for an After School Care session
  • 8:30 am for a Vacation Care Excursion
  • 11:00 am for any other Vacation Care day

A non-notification warning will be issued for the first 3 occurrences of the calendar year. All further occurrences during the calendar year will incur a $15 non-notification fee.

Not Signed In / Out:

Parents must sign their children in to Before Care and Vacation Care.

Parents must sign their children out of After Care and Vacation Care.

Failure to do so will incur a $15 “Not signed in/out” fee.

Late pick-up:

The Centre closes at 6.00 pm. Two late pick up warnings will be issued to each family during a calendar year. After two warnings a late pick up fee will be applied. The fee is calculated as; after 6.00 pm a $20 fee for the first 10 minutes and an additional $10 for every 5 minutes or part thereof.

If a child is not collected by 7.00 pm and no contact can be made with parents or emergency contacts, then staff members are to place the child under the supervision of a carer organised by the Supervisor. This may be a staff member of the Department of Family and Community Services, or the Police, or a member of the Management Committee.

Use of Incorrect Sign in Credentials:

Every parent and authorised nominee receive a unique username. This unique username must be used only by the person it is linked to. Any occurrence of incorrect credentials being used will incur a $15 fee.