1) About Us

1) About Us

Our Centre

We are a non for profit, community based centre that provides before and after school care for the children of West Ryde Public School. Our centre is managed and run by a voluntary parent committee. We are an approved centre, which gives parents the ability to access CCS as a fee reduction.

We constantly strive to provide the best quality of care for the children who attend our centre by providing a fun and interactive weekly program in a caring and nurturing environment. Our centre achieved a Meeting Expectations rating in our 2019 Assessment and Rating visit. We have a team of dedicated staff who are both experienced and passionate about working with children.


Before and After School Care

Our Before & After School Care operates Monday – Friday on school days, between the following hours:

Mornings: 7:00am-8:45am
Afternoons: 3:00pm-6:00pm


Vacation Care

During the school holidays we provide Vacation Care which caters for the children of West Ryde Public School and the wider community. Our Vacation Care programs are packed with a wide range of exciting activities, taking place both in and outside of the centre. The aim of this program is to keep your children entertained during the holidays with fresh ideas and different activities each school holiday period.

 Vacation Care Opening Hours: 7:00am – 6:00pm


Dietary Requirements:

WRBASC ensures that all children with any dietary requirements respected, considered and catered for during the production and serving of all meals.


Children with Additional Needs:

WRBASC supports children with additional needs and may able to access Inclusion Support on a case by case basis.



West Ryde Before and After School Care’s Philosophy

  • West Ryde Before and After School Care (WRBASC) aims to uphold a Rights based approach in all that we do, by evaluating our program and actions against the UN Convention of the rights of the Child to ensure we provide Quality Care to all children. We understand that children have a different perspective to adults, and we wish to explore and unpack that perspective with the children whilst making them feel safe, secure and included in our service.
  • We believe children develop through play and make sense of the world whilst playing, as explored by Friedrich Froebel. Play is intrinsically motivated, personally directed and freely chosen. Due to this we aim to set up an environment that enhances children’s chance to play, whether this is spontaneous or structured. In this we support children’s emotional, physical and cognitive development through a play-based structure offering the chances to problem solve and build independence and relationships. My Time Our Place (MTOP) also guides our practice to help children in Being, Becoming and Belonging.
  • WRBASC values and respects all families at the Centre as well as the families at West Ryde Public School
  • WRBASC acknowledges that the Management Committee plays a vital role of the Centre and aims to facilitate a collaborative approach between all stake holders
  • WRBASC believes that staff play a significant role in planting the seed of growth and development. Due to this we aim to support all staff in professional development and value and respect all staff and the role they play in the structure of the Centre

Aims and Objectives:

  • To provide a comfortable, fun and supportive environment for children, parents and staff and strive for open communication and good relations between all parties.
  • To provide a safe and clean environment.
  • To provide a friendly and caring environment.
  • To have equipment and facilities that are suitable to the needs of school-aged children
  • To provide opportunities to enhance skill development and learn from others
  • To provide high quality care for children, which values and supports the principles of MTOP
  • To accept and value every child, staff and family regardless of race, culture background, religion, sex or ability
  • To maintain positive communication and relationships between staff and children both in verbal and non-verbal ways
  • To encourage children, families and all staff to be involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of experiences within the service.
  • To keep families updated on topics relating to the service
  • To meet the current needs of families through continual up-dates and reviews of relevant issues
  • To create an enthusiastic and positive atmosphere for the staff which encourages personal initiative and cooperation
  • To ensure the cultural diversity of our community is valued and respected
  • To maintain open communication between neighbors and other relevant groups in the area
  • To keep up to date with any current issues in the local area


National Quality Framework (NQF):

National Quality Framework

West Ryde BASC is participating in the National Quality Framework (NQF). The NQF is a national legislative framework that consists of the Education and Care Services National Law and Education and Care Services National Regulations.

The NQF aims to give all Australian children, regardless of their location, the best possible start in life through high quality early childhood education and care and school age care services. The Framework aims to help providers, like West Ryde BASC, improve their services in the areas that impact on a child’s development and empower families to make informed choices about which service is best for their child.

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